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The Leyland PD2 working on service 48 to South Nitshill would have to have been taken on a Saturday when Larkfield had a two or three bus allocation on that service, which was otherwise operated exclusively by Newlands Daimlers as per the bus shown on Service 48A to Priesthill. However, Larkfield buses ran to a schedule that meant they were always on the 48, and never actually worked the 48A. They still carried the old "Saturday Only" wooden backed timeboards instead of the metal ones used by Newlands. In earlier days Larkfield would field the old 7' 6" wide Leyland PD2s with Weymann bodywork, resplendent with black mudguards, and very well turned out. Newlands buses were also just about immaculate, consistent with it being a small garage, and that leads me to a slight bit of confusion. Your shot of a pre -selector Daimler on Service 38 to Riddrie suggests the bus was from Newlands, yet its general state, particularly with regard to the almost illegible destination display, was not typical of the standard of buses turned out by that garage. The 38 was also operated by Gartcraig, but to my knowledge they never ever operated Daimlers. Parkhead also had a 4 bus allocation to the 38, but the bus shown was not to my knowledge from Parkhead. My recollection was that Parkhead only ever operated two Daimler buses, and these were D189, and D191. Despite my memory the bus certainly looks as though it may have been a Parkhead bus due to its fairly rough looking state. Have you any idea? (30th August 2004). John Walker

The 38 Riddrie is a Newland bus, the photo was given to me at the time that I worked in Newlands Garage in 1968. Ian Semple

see John's account of a Glasgow Bus Conductor Newlands Daimlers on Service 48

Leyland PD2 SGD 3 L101 Route 62 Baillieston
Regent MkV SDG 536 A386 Route 54 Crookston
Leyland PD2 SGD 54 L152 Route 48 South Nitshill
AEC Regent Mk111 FYS 391 A208 Route 4 Balornock
Leyland PD2 FYS 917 L89 Route 61 Maryhill
Daimler SGD 218 D235 Route 48A Priesthill
Leyland PD2 SDG 50 L148 Route 15 Hillington Estate
Leyland PD2 FYS 665 L42 Route 53 Shieldhall
Regent MkV SDG 534 A384 Route 10A Scotstounhill
Leyland PD2 FYS 664 L41 Route 4 Drumoyne
AEC Regent Mk111 Driving Instruction Duties
Daimler SGD 227 D244 Route 45 Rouken Glen
Daimler FYS 999 D217 Route 34 Govan Cross


Daimler SGD 191 D207 Route 38 Riddrie